Tangerine & Cocoa Butter Supershine Conditioner


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Product Description

Have your dog looking their best with our Super Shine Dog Conditioner. We’ve brought together Tangerine Oil and Cocoa Butter to create one of our most popular Dog Conditioners ever. Super Shine will give your dog’s coat an exceptional gloss while premium-grade Cocoa Butter moisturises and protects your dog’s skin and coat. Before conditioning, wash your dog with Super Shine Dog Shampoo for best results.

pH Balanced for your dog
Sulphate Free
No artificial colours or fragrances
Made in Australia
Not tested on animals

Directions for Use

This is a low foaming conditioner. Wet your dog, apply conditioner and rub through coat. Rinse throughly and watch your dog smile! For best results shampoo withÊFuzzYard naturals Super Shine Shampoo.


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